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Self catering holidays in Hungary are increasing in popularity as low-cost flights to Budapest have attracted visitors from across Europe. There's a good choice of apartments for rent in Budapest , Hungary’s capital city. Straddling the impressive River Danube, it has become Central Europe’s most popular tourist destination. Outside Budapest, there are loads of cottages and villas for rent around Lake Balaton, while the thermal springs and spa resorts are also popular. The Puszta and Lake Tisza regions are perfect for nature lovers.


Self catering villas, apartments and cottages for rent in Transdanubia (Pannonia), Hungary (Photo: Wikipedia - Nobli)Transdanubia Transdanubia, also known as Pannonia from its days as a Roman province, has a rich history; three UNESCO World Heritage sites at Pannonhalma, Pécs, and Lake Fertõ; beautiful countryside; and Lake Balaton, Central Europe’s largest lake, surrounded by Hungary’s most popular holiday resorts outside Budapest. There’s an excellent selection of holiday homes for rent across the region but the main self catering action is centred on Lake Balaton. The southern shore of Lake Balaton, with its bustling resorts and shallow warm waters, is ideal for family holidays. Balaton’s north shore is more relaxed with quaint resorts like Balatonfüred, Keszthely and the Tihany peninsula. Also notable are the Villány-Siklós vineyards and the town of Koszeg. Nearest airport: Sármellék

Self catering villas, apartments and cottages for rent in Central Hungary & Budapest (Photo: Microsoft)Central Hungary Hungary’s capital, Budapest and the surrounding county of Pest make up Central Hungary. The main attraction is clearly the city of Budapest itself. This romantic city sitting astride the beautiful River Danube is the result of the unification in 1873 of Buda on the west-bank and Pest on the east-bank. Budapest has plenty of self catering apartments for rent from which to explore this vibrant city, stacked with museums, monuments, exquisite architecture and mouth-watering restaurants. Also popular are the self catering villas for rent in the hills overlooking the famous Danube Bend in northern Pest around the historic town of Visegrád, one of the most beautiful stretches of the River Danube, which can also be reached by boat from Budapest. Nearest airport: Budapest

Self catering villas, apartments and cottages for rent in North Hungary & theEger-Tokaj Wine Region (Photo: Wikipedia - Uzo19)Northern Hungary In contrast to the Hungarian Plains, Northern Hungary is hilly and forested as the plains give way to the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains. Northern Hungary boasts the Eger-Tokaj wine region, producing some of Hungary’s best wines, renowned worldwide for its full bodied red and sweet white wines. It’s also home to the Aggtelek National Park and one of the world’s most spectacular cave systems covering some 14 miles with the largest stalagmite in existence. There are plenty of options for self catering holidays in Northern Hungary with apartments, farmhouses and villas for rent in places like Hollóko, with its traditional black and white houses; Szilvásvárad, famous for its Lipizzaner horses; and Miskolc, Hungary’s third largest city. Nearest airport: Budapest

Self catering villas, apartments and cottages for rent in the Hungarian Plains (Puszta) (Photo: Wikipedia)Hungarian Plains The Great Plains, Puszta or Nagyalföld occupies southern and eastern Hungary and forms much of Central Europe’s Pannonian Basin, a vast plain left after the Pannonian Sea dried up eons ago. This rich agricultural land of horsemen and shepherds has long been a region of Hungarian folklore. Today, its nature reserves and Lake Tisza are UNESCO World Heritage Sites and a paradise for nature lovers and bird watchers. For self catering holidaymakers seeking an idyllic rural retreat, the Puszta has a selection of holiday homes and villas for rent across the region. At its centre, Lake Tisza is the second largest lake in Hungary and a popular holiday resort for water sports enthusiasts with sailing, water skiing and windsurfing. Nearest airport: Debrecen


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